Giving Esports teams a competitive edge through Gaming Data

Esports refers to professional video game competitions that are streamed to thousands, if not millions, of viewers online. The data collected from these competitions includes instances such as the participants, viewership numbers, results and player-specific statistics.

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Advanced Analytics & Data Science

RUBIX powers the data of Australasia’s leading Esports team

A huge amount of information is available in the Esports realm, as all matches are played digitally. The question is, how do you take that data and turn it into something powerful? Well, at RUBIX, we know the answer.


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The Context – Data & Sport

Using Advanced Analytics in Online Gaming

Like with traditional sports, data analysts can collect data from Esports from matches to help players improve their performance and to allow the viewers to know more about how teams are performing, encouraging game involvement and a potentially creating a large audience for brand and marketing opportunities.

State-of-the-art analytics, machine learning and visualisations could be used to improve player and team performance, but most teams don’t know where to start.

Very few tools exist already to provide these insights and none utilise advanced data science techniques.


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The Challenge – Data & Sport

Using Advanced Analytics to Power Champions

Building a proof-of-concept for advanced analytics of player data, showcasing the strategic value of data.

RUBIX developed a series of dashboards for Australasia’s leading Esports team.

With flexible settings and hooks into real data, our dashboards also showed that insights could be extracted quickly and easily, while also providing flexibility to coaches in their analytical approach.


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How we Succeeded – Data & Sport

Using Advanced Analytics to Power Champions

Successfully extracting, managing and visualising large amounts of player data, unlocks the potential for analytics driven team coaching.

It’s clear that there is a great deal of opportunity to leverage Esports match data for team coaching and strategy.

More concept work will be done in applying advanced data science techniques, such as machine learning, to identify strategies and key actions in matches, potentially multiplying team effectiveness,



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