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At RUBIX we believe in the power of artificial intelligence.

We know AI can meaningfully improve people’s day to day lives and we’re smart with our automation too, combining off the shelf tools with custom development, machine learning and data science to achieve your bespoke outcome.We also have a suite of in house pre-built automation predictive applications which are impressive. Tell us about your project and no matter the complexity, we’ll bring it to life.

Three out of four C-suite executives believe that if they don’t scale artificial intelligence in the next five years, they risk going out of business entirely, it’s a scary thought isn’t it?

Don’t get left behind, now is the time to embrace automation and we can help with that.


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AI adoption is growing faster than ever

Artificial intelligence has long been a subject of anticipation among both popular and scientific culture, with the potential to transform businesses as well as the relationship between people and technology at large.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 95% of decisions that currently use data will be at least partially automated.

AI is seen as a potential source of business innovation. With the right strategy, organisations are seeing how automation can cuts costs and brings new levels of consistency, speed and scalability to business processes.

Even more valuable is the ability of automation to drive growth.


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Watch our Object Detection technology in action

RUBIX used ML technology to automate footpath and road damage.

RUBIX. was tasked with building a solution to standardise and automate the existing process our client utilised for detecting faults in the footpaths around Melbourne, which was manual, time consuming and subject to human error.

Through use of AI we created an interactive platform called Urban Eye for tagging and monitoring road and pavement defects.​

RUBIX created a bespoke platform to visually show and grade these defects for resolution. ​

RUBIX enabled the organisation to improve road infrastructure more quickly and effectively.​


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