Quickly transforming data into actionable insights

It’s what you do with your data that counts

Make confident decisions, led by YOUR data, not your gut.

At RUBIX, we know using your gut instinct can be rewarding but don’t leave your business exposed using only your gut!  When it comes to advanced analytics and business intelligence, other companies can tell you what happened, but at RUBIX we can tell you why and even what to do next.  We use the past, to predict the future, ensuring your business is equipped to tell your unique story, through intelligent and reliable data.  We have the ability to turn data into insight into more intelligent decisions, quickly, so you can better navigate and strategically capitalise on a constantly changing competitive environment.


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Don’t get stuck in the past. Operate in real time.

More intelligent decisions, quickly

Forecasts and strategies driven by your data

Unite your business, through data.

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Qlik - Close the gap between data and action. Proceed with certainty.

Qlik closes the gaps between data, insights and action with the only cloud platform built for Active Intelligence. Make your data and analytics real-time, AI-driven, collaborative and actionable.


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Power BI - Share insights. Show results. Be the hero.

Create rich, interactive data visualisations from multiple data sources and share important business insights that drive success.

Tableau - Analytics for everyone, from anywhere

Successful business forecasts, decisions, and strategies are driven by data.

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