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Our experience is many and varied but at the end of the day, all we do is data and we do it exceedingly well.

We’re experts in data. It’s all we do.

Data Engineering

Data drives the operations of today’s modern businesses, using data to provide answers that range from consumer interest to product viability and beyond. There is no doubt, data is an important part of scaling your business and gaining actionable insights. A proper data solution engaging the RUBIX data engineers ensures your data is useful and accessible.

Data Engineering

Why Data Engineering is crucial in your path to being data driven

Data engineering all about the design and build of the data infrastructure you need in order to making your data accessible and useful for the end users.

Collecting all the Data Sets your business has at it’s disposal

Processing and classification of your data

Storing your data adhering to privacy and governance

Turning the analytics into actionable insights

We are the data partners of some of Australia’s most trusted and well known brands, from financial services and insurance to gaming, sports fast moving consumer goods and retail, government bodies and not for profits.

Our experience is varied and always underpinned by strong values in trust and honesty. We just like getting the job done. At RUBIX. we got this, no matter how tricky the data problem, we have the best and brightest talent to always get the job done!

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"The RUBIX. team delivered to what they promised within the agreed timeframe. They went above and beyond in the delivery which was evident in the quality of the end product".

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