When Machine Learning and Health Insurance meet

With insurance fraud at unprecedented levels costing organisations millions of dollars each year, one of Australia’s most recognised health insurers trusted RUBIX create a system to prevent further fraud from occurring using world leading machine learning technologies

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Natural Language Processing to combat insurance fraud

We saved our client millions of dollars by detecting further instances of insurance fraud.

A leading health insurer has observed many instances of insurance fraud conducted by doctors and hospitals who incorrectly claim a medical procedure under incorrect item numbers. We delivered an innovative solution that was tailored completely to the client’s needs.


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Embracing the power of the machine

We needed to create a novel system and do it fast

With fraud costing our client millions, we needed to act fast. And we succeeded. We created a fully automated and scalable system that also is future-proofed; driving efficiencies and removing instances of human error. What previously took day is now complete within a matter of a few minutes.


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Why Choose RUBIX

RUBIX deliver data driven outcomes, fast.

We understand data, after all, it’s the only thing we do and our track record is really impressive. We successfully manage and deliver complex data solutions with exceptional results. This is why we are the trusted partner of many of Australia’s largest and most well regarded companies and Government agencies.


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Partnering for your success

We work with selected partners in order to give our clients access to market leading technologies. We give you the power and knowledge to discover key insights in your own data.

We simplify the difficult

Working with a proven team like RUBIX means you can trust us to make the most of your data and do it in a way you can understand. We get straight to point in making your business more successful.

Putting the power of your data into your hands

Now more than ever our clients need to see “under the hood” of their business. RUBIX makes that happen, fast. We work with you to create an intuitive data and AI analytics solution, with only your business needs in mind.

Leap frog the competition

Become a leader in your category and get ahead of the competition. With a proven record in accelerating businesses who seek to firmly establish their leadership in their category. You can’t afford not to use your data smarter.

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