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Turn your data into a weapon. Learn how to use Customer Intelligence as your secret weapon.

18 Sep 2021
Customer intelligence (2)

Driving business success and customer loyalty using your existing data.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, ecommerce is certainly enjoying its moment in the sun. The disruption to traditional retail is exciting but how can e-retailers ensure they capitalise in the spike in retail spend in 2021? There is one resource that retailers may have overlooked, and that resource is data.

Data says that loyal customers spend an average of 67% more than new customers, so maximising your existing customer intelligence is essential.

This webinar features Flybuys, KG Electronic and RUBIX, bringing together some of Australia’s best and brightest data minds, joining forces with retail success stories. They explore how a dedicated data strategy and a modernised data platform can help ecommerce brands excel in a rapidly changing environment and use data and innovation for competitive advantage.

During this webinar, looking through the lens of a retailer, we work through:

  • The data challenges facing retailers
  • How to utilise customer intelligence
  • Improve data management
  • Make decisions based on trusted and clean customer intelligence

RUBIX. are experts in making your data work for you.

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