Data Culture

What is Data Culture? And why do you need one?

18 Sep 2021
What is Data Culture? And why do you need one?

What is data culture?

“Data culture” refers to a company’s ability to use their data to make data driven decisions. Companies with a strong data culture consistently rely on the data available to them to develop their business strategies, future strategies and integral decision making.


Why is a data driven culture important?

Without a strong data culture, businesses may be missing opportunities to use the data they have at their immediate disposal to discover real insights or to gain any kind of competitive advantage.

They may also run into problems with data consistency or internal processes if the data they’re using isn’t clean, trusted and reliable.

Don’t approach data analysis as a cool “science experiment” or an exercise in gathering data for data’s sake. The fundamental objective in collecting, analysing and deploying data is to make better decisions.


What does a culture driven by data look like in practice?

Practice data driven behaviours (14)
Practice data driven behaviours (16)

A true data culture and the right technology, gives our people the ability to ask questions, challenge ideas and use clean trusted data – not just guesswork to make business decisions.


We love talking data!  If your organisation is ready to take a data journey and embrace a data culture, speak to the RUBIX. team today.