Data Governance

How reliable is your data really? Find out using the free Talend Trust Assessor.

18 Sep 2021
How reliable is your data?

Make better business decisions with clean, dependable data.

The Talend Trust Assessor evaluates the reliability of your data, and gives you quantified feedback on three critical aspects of your data:

Validity: Is your data correctly formatted and stored in the right way?

Completeness: Does your dataset include values for all the fields required by your system?

Uniqueness: Is your data free from duplicates and dummy entries?

When you know that you can trust your data, you can make more informed strategic business decisions with confidence.

What’s your data really telling you?  There’s no better time to use the Talend Trust score, it’s free, fast and simple to use.

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Every decision should start with data you can trust.

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